Movie review :21

Tagline:They proved Vegas blackjack was beatable…by beating the hell out of it.

Yesterday i found some time to catch up with this movie. When is started watching it i had the ocean’s series in mind but knew that its a fact based movies inspired by a true story of the MIT Blackjact Team.

Since i was starved of movies for quiet a long time, i was perplexed by this movie to begin with when it has visuals of aerial view of MIT’s campus, but withing 15 minutes i came to terms with the story, to be more precise its a flashy adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s compelling New York Times bestseller.

The narration of the movie majorly revolvs around “Ben Campbell who is a student @ MIT and has an admit from the Harvard Med school(yeah its the same damn expensive university). The movie start with the guy going to the harvard med school and is talking to a man about the Robinson scholarship for his study at harvard Med, as usual the consellor ask for an essay with a dazzle that would make him stand out of the herd who have applied for the scholarship. After this he tries to collect the amount required for his study @ harvard at the same time tries to write essay for the scholarship application. In the meantime his professor micky rosa spots him
for his extrodinary ability to count and his ability to stay calm and composed nature and tries to lure him into his team which has learnt the art of card reading.. he accepts the invite and rest is the story …

The movie recount how a team of math nerds from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made millions counting cards at Las Vegas blackjack tables. Under the guidance of former card counter Mickey Rosa, the MIT geniuses milked Vegas, Atlantic City and a slew of riverboat casinos east and west of the Mississippi River until sophisticated facial-recognition software made it impossible for them to complete their elaborate scams and rest is the story

Overall i liked the story but i personally feel some justice could have been made to this story, there wasn’t a standout performance by any of the cast. I liked the movie, but i wouldn’t say everybody who would watch it would love it..

Anyway i would like you guys to watch this movie only if you like movies about gambling & casinos. Don’t be tempted about the casino’s its a kinda nerds viewpoint of gambling. On the whole i wouldn’t rate it the best but would say a kinda classic movie since its fact based would try to keep it in my huge collection of movies. Do pour in your views about this movie.

Trailer:YouTube, Apple
Genre: Drama/Casino Film
IMDB rating: 7.0 (12,756 votes)
Links: IMDB, RT(31%),Goofs
Directed by: Robert Luketic
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Aaron Yoo
Runtime: 1:57:40
HighRezPosters:#1[510 x 755], #2[429 x 600]


2 responses to “Movie review :21

  1. From your review it seems like a good movie… Give me the link where you downloaded it let me too try watching it 🙂

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