RajniKanth in CBSE Standard 6th Text Books

I recently bumped into this news which is no longer a news for sure.This year Rajnikanth was given the Best Entertainer award from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and a few months later, his biography, My name is Rajinikanth, was released.

And to add to it all.. CBSE has included Rajnikanth’s real life story in its Std VI English Course material published by Oxford University Press containing a lesson about our superstar Rajinikanth. Rajini’s life from conductor to Superstar has been briefly described along with excerpts from his friend Raja Bahadur who was working as bus driver when Rajini was conductor in Bangalore.

After the lesson, there is a short evaluation too about the lesson. The lesson was under the section: Dignity of Work. Rajinikanth struggled a lot during his early age because of poverty. He began his career doing various jobs in Bangalore. Before starting his career in the film industry, he worked as a bus conductor for the Bangalore Transport Service in Bangalore. His journey from conductor to Superstar status is the part of the lesson.

I’m an ardent fan of Rajni but still i feel that this step by CBSE just indicates the lack of ideas among the course content makers, There are quiet a lot of other things which has to concentrated in our education system but still they tend to move away from it..

Rajni Rocks .. but there is lot more rocking the education system than just Rajni for sure ..


5 responses to “RajniKanth in CBSE Standard 6th Text Books

  1. I agree with you… He is good actor no doubt in that but he in school books is really too much… When i saw this in news i really got angry that in cbse syllabus… Syllabus setter not having any mind to think.. All will read the story try to become an hero rather than studying…

  2. hey its not that since he is an Actor and everyone else would try to emulate him..

    i said there are lots of other things which are left unnoticed by the course content makers..

    there are quiet a lot of other instances which could have been used..

    i knew what happens when something like this comes up in the environment of the class.. there comes a debate and everyone tries to prove his superiority rather than understand the underlying theme of the topic ..
    beleive me i have experienced it myself 😦

  3. Good thought …need to be noticed …

  4. the good news.he is very simple and great human in this biggest stage also.which the students shoulds learn.

  5. @Rahul: yeah he really simple and humble .. and i always beleive that everyone has to learn from others 🙂
    anyway thanks for commenting here

    Welcome to my Blog

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