Nanum Namma Chennai yum

Sunday July 23, 1995 6:A.M, i reached Madras Central station from calcutta . I never really wanted to move into a city which i thought was FEEDING ” literally on idly dosa and typical sambar. I have been to chennai on my way to calicut for a brief time, but not longer than an hour to board other connecting train, but this time it was different when my father guided me outside the station holding my hand it was the hot sun which made me worry, i never expected it to be this hot even @ 6 a.m in the morning while it would be cold in WB(West Bengal) and even some fogs appearing in summer at times.

The first few hours into chennai was horrible, first was the foul smelling couvam, i had never felt such a worse smell previously in my life other than those on train travel, i was sobbing of thinking about my life in a city which stinks and much worse was the roads that i thought it would be better to ask my dad to take me with him just to avoid this city. After taking a nap after a long journey i ventured out to have a look, the first thing that caught me was the heat, prior to that i was never exposed to such an intense heat, getting used it was the most difficult part of it especially when one moves from a city which has hail storms during summer. I really regretted my decision to come with my brother and sister for their professional education.

I had previously shifted into 3 new cities but this was different since on the previous occasions i was too young and moreover this city was tooo hot and too dirsty especially the time when we were in the city.I was totally reluctanct to get accustomed with this city. The first few years were pathetic especially when i struggled with the language.There are hardly few people who know Hindi other than those in the parrys locality.I struggled to grapple with the surroundings and especially in the class where i couldn’t figure out what was going on between friends, its totally embarassing when your friends laugh at a joke and you have no clue about what they are talking about, the first few years were too frustrating for me.

I really had a lotsa reasons to say no to chennai but all those faded away on the course of time. It would be really hard for me to tell when i started to like this city, but this wasn’t on the very first occassion.

It took me years to get accustomed to lingos and the shows, but i’m sure the love for the city grew when i started enjoying its Harmony, awesome temples, beaches,Filter Kaapi,Thayir Sadham,Masala Vada,Grand Sweets & Snacks,murugan idly shop,SuperStar IStyle,A.R.Rahman,ManiRathnam Movies, Prabhu Deva,Goundamani & Senthil, conservative pattis, Cute girls and Omnipresent Crows especially in our locality.

P.S: Although the girls are cute i still feel they too are conservative


9 responses to “Nanum Namma Chennai yum

  1. hey well narrated :)Never thought you would have such likings in your life… Last para was brilliant 🙂 Im coming to know many new things about you… Keep posting frequently 🙂

  2. @ tweety: yeah ofcourse would do that.. but i’m busy these days 😦
    will post whenever i get time

  3. Nice one… well constructed.. Was a bit harsh on Chennai though.:) But i totally agree with the p.s..:). Keep it up..:P

  4. @ b: thats what i trully felt on my first venturing into the city..
    and thats what the others feel about chennai unless they come see it here JUST LIKE WHAT I DID 🙂

  5. Cute gals???? I still have some really big doubts abt that…. Just kidding. I totally agree with you though I was born and brought up in this city. Chennai in my view is just like our country, you can never fall in love at first sight. But still once you do, you ll stay committed for life.

  6. @ aravind: well parts of our country is like love at first sight while few like chennai are different

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  9. shi hai dude…. dont worry hindi bolne wale badne wale hai teri life main 🙂

    n tamil girls…. dekh lenge hum be….. 😉

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