Review: Get Smart (2008)

I have been into a shell for the past few weeks, despite being on in a state of joblessness i hardly had the mind to watch a movie . Since I wanted to break loose of this shell i wanted to watch a good movie but there was a dearth of good movies coming out for past few month . Hope the condition improves as the Oscar fever catches on. I was eagerly looking for a good movie with a good star cast and narrowed down to Get Smart to quench my thirst for movies. Sadly, the trailers on Youtube for Get Smart didn’t inspire a lot of hope so how did it turn out? eh, not as bad as I thought, but certainly no where near as good as I had hoped.

The synopsis for Get Smart looks something like this: “Secret agent Maxi Smart, also known as Agent 86 for CONTROL, is on a mission to battle the forces of their evil crime which are the agencies nemesis known as KAOS with his far more competent partner Agent 99 at his side. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxi Smart, who has always dreamt of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23 ( who is WWE Superstar Rock;) ) . Smart will do whatever it takes to foil the latest plot for world domination by KAOS.”

Best Part  Of the movie
Damn. Anne Hathaway is HOT! No, she’s beyond that level of hotness for which we haven’t yet come up with a word for. Playing agent 99, Hathaway needed to play a stunningly, and disarmingly beautiful woman and wow. I’ve never seen her look better, or come across and more flat out shockingly beautiful and sexy than she does in Get Smart.

Steve Carell was born to play this role. Don’t get me wrong especially after watching the 40 Yr Old Virgin, I’m not saying he completely rocked or anything, but he IS the “Maxi Smart” . He played smart perfectly, without ever making it seem like he was trying to hard to get into the role. His timing and comic sense was really apt for the movie.

The film was “cute”. That’s not a bad thing. When you do a movie like Get Smart, it’s actually got to be “cute” in places and it did. Sadly it wasn’t nearly as hilarious (especially when one compares it with 40 Yr Old Virgin and his TV shows ) but it was indeed certainly cute in places and put a definite grin on your face.
There’s a really great sky diving action scene in the film that I just loved especially cause of the adrenaline that it pumps into me watching it . I won’t give anything away, but watch for it if you see the movie.

Worst Part of it
When a movie is said to of Comedy genre it really has to make everyone watching it laugh. While Get Smart has a few here and there scattered throughout the film, sadly it doesn’t have nearly enough to honor its genre . Yes, the film is cute especially cause of the cast and the HAWT hathaway. Get Smart failed to do that enough and sadly that ends up being the biggest impression that stuck in my mind as I reached close to the end. Despite all the good things I can say about Get Smart, this is the most important part it needed to nail. And it didn’t especially when i expected it the most.

On the Whole
A great idea for a film with a very solid cast, cute and simple. Yet sadly Get Smart ultimately fails because despite succeeding on so many levels, as a comedy it stumbled on the most important one. Just simply not enough of it, and the stuff that was there just wasn’t quality enough. Certainly not a “bad” movie, but it should have been much much better, especially when you consider how many other quality elements (that a lot of other comedies miss) were in place.


4 responses to “Review: Get Smart (2008)

  1. Steve Carrell is very funny. I am yet to watch this movie. May be will rent a DVD!

    Whacky: yup i’ve been eager to watch his movies ever since i watched his 40yr old virigin 🙂

  2. enna sir no updates in ur blog?? very busy huh?? header nalla irrukku 😀

  3. To see the real funny Steve Carrell watch every episode of “The Office” ..Actually, his character in Get Smart is a souped down version of “Michael” in The Office

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