Festival of Happiness Right ??

Diwali or Deepawali is one eagerly awaited festival among Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains.Many legends are associated with Diwali and there might be plenty more than one could think off. It is celebrated as the “Festival of Lights and happiness,” where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being. Regardless of the religion the motive of the festival remains the same i.e. to bring prosperity and happiness to people.

When the whole world celebrates the festival isn’t it time that we understand the true motive of the festival, which i feel most of the people have lost sight off . Although i know that it has been quiet a ritual for most us to consider it as a occasion for getting new dresses, sweets (1) and crackers and also get in touch with lotta relatives. I personally consider it harsh to ask you guys to follow my ideology but considering the situation the whole world is in, i think its apt to for me tell what i have been doing for the past few years which is an austere way of celebrating a festival but sometimes only the simplest things bring happyness to ones life ?  I have almost stopped buying crackers for the past few years (but with mom’s insitence i buy the minimalistic crackers) with the air and sound pollution in mind and ofcourse its money gone in ashes and eventhough i haven’t reduced the quantity of dresses i take for festivals i made it a point to donate an equal amount of old dresses to the local ashrams. Whatever you consider this act to be , I have started doing this as act of sympathy for the needy people and asthma patients who struggle a lot after the diwali. The amount of pollution and smog created by the crackers often makes most of the infants and the elderly people suffer with breathing problem. I understand enjoyment is part and parcel of the festival but it shouldn’t be cause of someother’s distress.

Considering the amount of job layoffs, huge losses on stock exchanges et all. shouldn’t people be more cautious before doing anything involving money during these troubled times ?? I know its too late to ask you guys to consider this gesture but isn’t diwali about bringing happiness to the needy people. I wont say this has to be done but it can be done as an alternative if one needs to really achieve the motive of the festival. This was my 2Cents never bother about it if you are really desperate to break loose of your hackneyed lifestyle and enjoy the india festivity and if this thought even strikes you somewhere in you mind i would be happy about it.

P.S: Most of my family members disparage all my thoughts when i make it a point to tell them but i think I have finally found a place to rant it out and let others understand why i say it  🙂


6 responses to “Festival of Happiness Right ??

  1. You have to understand that Life is a mixture of Celebration and Charity. One shouldn’t be there without the other.

  2. @ Dinesh Babu: I know its a mixture of all things .. all that i ask is a to minimise the wastagge, losses and maximise the benifits 😉

  3. Thats a really gr8 thought keyed in…. I too hate crackers for the noise and air pollution…. and of course it is criminal waste of money as i feel it can be used to bring cheer to many poor ppl which can be much more beautiful than the fireworks in the sky

  4. thats some great thought wacky. but like how Dinesh put it, it should be a mixture. These days, people burst crackers as a sort ot competition and that leads to air and noise pollution. Also, on diwali days, it is extremely difficult for people to go on two wheelers. One of my ex roomie once met with an accident and broke his spine just because some child like grown ups bursted crackers right in the middle of the road. Its all human ignorance I would say. They should be bothered about whats happening around them.

    Btw, im blogrolling you now. hope its ok with you 😀

  5. @aravind :
    Thats a really gr8 thought keyed in….
    Thanks for complementing me..
    I too hate crackers for the noise and air pollution and of course it is criminal waste of money as i feel it can be used to bring cheer to many poor ppl which can be much more beautiful than the fireworks in the sky
    I’m sure there are many like us who love to donate ..

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