Why Are Conservative Tam Gals So NARROW Minded ?

I’m one of those people who would treat people in a similar fashion regardless of their background, political affiliation, academic background, economic background et all, i dono why but may be just cause i have only one set of protocol cause of being one socially fucked up. I always meet people with an open mind having hardly any hostility with them regardless of how good or bad they were with others, and I often tend to honestly judge them by how good they behave with me personally.

I ,Being part of such a niche ๐Ÿ˜‰ i always wonder why others especially of the other gender aren’t always open and often tend to be very mean and snobbish about the others and this often happens everytime there is a kinda some union among families of different upbringings, to be more precise during the marriages et all. This isn’t the first time i have noticed this but right from my childhood i have noticed it time and again and i’m sure everyone of you would have if you sat through and thought about it. Dont you guys ever think this kinda situation and incompatibilities could have been avoided if there was a clear thought about this issue on both sides ??

Well this is the umteenth time that i’m figuring out that most of such situations are just because of the upringings or immature behaviour or irritating characters on both sides. I always wonder why some of vadivelu and vivek’s jokes about married life are so welcome by the adult community, neither can one leave out the raja’s comments on the salomon papayya’s tamil debates. Ever wonder why so many people throng to have a laugh at their own pathetic life ?

In early childhood i thought they are just kidding about it, hardly did i think this would be such a great issue. Remember my early days in chennai when i hated the tamil cinema totally cause there was more relevance to family life but slowly when the tamil culture started to permeate into me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Only then did i realize that this is one fucking situation which is making every guy exposed to other culture always reluctant to marry a tamil gal. Even during the early flirting days i always was perplexed why the south indian girls are so conservative and so narrow minded when i openly interact with the others the tamilians were the hard even talk to.

I dono but there is something wrong with the genes i think ๐Ÿ˜‰ especially like in case of indian lifestyle and the heart attack. Its really pathetic to see these days girl’s mindset getting narrower and narrower. Since all these gyan was due to my analysis after my brother’s marriage i misssed out on various things which one enjoys during the marriages :P. This lingering thought in me has really caught me by surprise, especially when everyone around keep on asking me about my marriage the only thought that runs through my mind is Mariagge ah ??ย  big “uwwwak”. Its really hard to convice parents about not getting marriaed but i know its really too early to talk to them about it but i should always be precautious about things since my life is at stake.

Until now i thought the insitution of marriage was to bring harmony and responsibility in one’s life, but with all these thoughts running wild in my head, I now think its one money draining, life worsening, relationship straining, blood pressure increasing ย treatment to a joy loving guy like me. I dono what it means to a gal but this is wat a common guy with brains would think about this institution at this juncture of life.

This thought isn’t a random thought but well thought about fact, show me a girl who is open minded at the same time has a traditional touch with a scoop(or many) of modern outlook with a humble and modest outlook, who is personified as a good character, prove me wrong i’ll accept my defeat and rather marry.But the real fact that its really hard to find one make me really happy andrather bask in luxury ย that i have set high standards for a gal to even propose to me.

P.S: While writing this post i accidentally had a chat with a gal from my good old school , and as every chat goes it moved onto various topics, i was really testing her for how open she was, but right from the onset she couldn’t stand me hating the poetic tamil verses. This only proves me that i’m right on accusing the tamil girls of being narrow minded. ๐Ÿ˜‰


18 responses to “Why Are Conservative Tam Gals So NARROW Minded ?

  1. may be few gals u know are narrow minded not all… u started dreaming abt ur marriage since ur route is clear now ๐Ÿ˜› let me c how many days u gonna b single ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. dude.. its a pity that u write this article taking into consideration the handful of women u have met/known through ur journey of life… and FYI its not just tamil girls who are “conservative”!!

    abt marriages…. i beg to differ from ur perspective…. who the hell told u cant hv fun aftr marriage…. its all about finding the right person….! matching wave lengths… thats all… there is absolutely no need to be open minded traditional modern blah blah blah of whatever u typed….!!

    and thirdly… u said… “show me a girl who is open minded at the same time has a traditional touch with a scoop(or many) of modern outlook with a humble and modest outlook, who is personified as a good character, prove me wrong iโ€™ll accept my defeat and rather marry”….

    dude… seriously… are u in a country with male population? there are millions out there who are all of what u ask for!! u need to find the right person.. thats all!!

    and lastly… “But the real fact that its really hard to find one make me really happy andrather bask in luxury that i have set high standards for a gal to even propose to me”…

    i got 2 solutions…
    1) reduce ur standards!
    2) die single!

    u need to be flexible… u cant be stubborn and expect the girl to be flexible!!!

    1) u r a hopeless romantic.
    2) ur perspective of study is limited.
    3) u r not flexible!


  3. nice one… but honestly, i agree with tweety.. not all girls r narrow minded… its jus that v happen to meet narrow minded girls almost everyday, so it kind of becomes generalised….

  4. @ tweety: I was actually speaking about the very conservative tamil gals , they are really hard to speak to especially when you get cold stares from them despite having talked to them previously

    @ rajath: Lol at your solution .. dont u have other options otehr than tam girls in mind ??
    i was speaking about a small group of conservative tamil which is really hard to talk to maintaining one’s self esteem.

    * i’d rather ROFL at ur learnings from the article
    you know me.. especially about how romantic i’m.
    * As i said i was speaking of really a small group of conservative tamil girls
    * flexibility ask my mom , my teachers and especially my friends how flexible i’m

    @ karthik: yeah i know its just a small group i’m talking about who hardly have exposure to open society but they behave as if they are top of the world. they piss me off every now and then.

  5. Well, well,well…. Though my logical thinking doesnt allow me to differ from what tweety,karthik and rajath have said…. I am able to relate to you on two aspects.
    1. with regards to South Indian gals in general and 2. with regards to highly irritating questions abt marriage and stuff….

  6. there’s only one way that is to avoid conservative girls ..
    they can be rude ..
    they are mostly” stay away form me types”

  7. wats all posted may b true dudes. but i lik to giv in my view .as i hav already done my Ph.d with all theses gals .i hav got in contact with so many gals.alll r the same they show off as if they r good to the core ..but they all piss off the same way…..LOL.& marriage i thnk is an utter shit in my life .i agree with the topic tht has been posted.& LOL i won surely marry any of the gals .tht too narrow minded . all these narrow minde gals thnk tht they can bring the hell out of a boy by moving close with a fellow & thn escaping wen he tries to get close wit her.i hav undergone such emotional situations & i’m fed up of these thing name the GALS.i donno wat to tell good abt them except fr there ____________u guys know wat to fill up with …….

  8. Good that I stumbled here. An interesting topic. But not entirely accurate. As Rajath said, its not just Tamil girls that are “conservative”. All Indians are due to the heritage of the land. I don’t blame them if I can help it. If you don’t want to talk/interact with these types, then I suggest that you keep your distance from them and not blame the entire female community for it. I may have misunderstood what you were trying to say, but this is what I have understood from this post. If you wanted to mean something else, I suggest editing your post a little.

    About marriage, I believe the key behind any successful marriage is communication and respecting opinions of your partner. Otherwise, the person who is getting married is a chauvinist.

    Sorry if my first comment on your blog itself is offensive. But I usually tend to speak my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. to answer ur initial question” erm… because they are *conservative* tam girls.

    P.S: it’s not gender specific.

  10. @ Vimal: Thanks vimmu for the award will do the tag pretty soon

    @ Anniyan: well i know the fact that there are “conservative” people everywhere.. but i got no options when i speak with my mom and this was post was just what went through my mind when few close relatives asked about it to me .. well communication is spoiling many precious things in this world i think ;)..
    comments are meant to reflect ones thought process and should never be considered offensive and ofcourse your comments are always welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @RukmaniRam: You know you gotta satiate your conservative relatives when you are fired with such abrupt question about marriage .. so had to think of various reasons .. and thus this reasoning and the post ๐Ÿ™‚
    and i’m really used to think of the negatives first,though i’m no pessimist

  11. @ aravind.r.k.m : Thanks god atleast you got it and nailed it ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ arvind: yeah but they often are the cutest of the lot and are often unavoidable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. naanga nallavanga ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. All I wanted to say were said by Rajath and Anniyan. Girls are conservative, I accept. But thats how our society behaved at them. They are just taught to look after the home and their family and not this whole country.
    So the mistake is somewhere, not with them.. But Now-a-days things are changed. I wish you will meet your life partner soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. @ Chutney: Nambittom

    @ kanagu: Thambi nee onnam vallarnum.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. Dropped in blog-hopping and u cud say that i was shocked at this post.. it was almost a lil offensive .. i guess u r over-generalizing .like anniyan has already commented , there are conservative girls in every community .. Maybe its the way those girls deal with their insecurities ..and the way u describe marriage .. it almost seems scary !! its not that bad , actually ..and sorry if i sounded rude .. but i had to say what i had to say.. cheers

  17. @ bhargavi : Its time that i should edit the post or atleast write a disclaimer .. the post was intended to spook my relatives et all to stay away from me and ofcourse to make ” Arranged Marriages” feel more spooky ๐Ÿ™‚

    and yeah welcome to my space where i’m used to rant nuances like these.
    I think i have accomplished a part of what i intended to deliver with this post

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