Nerdy Way of Starting a Year


#P.S: Non-Geeks please spare me,this ones just for the  *nix Geeks.

#P.P.S: I hope this is what a geek/nerd/whacked out soul would do if at all he rants in his *nix box writing files about it and tries to clear it off their memory by writing a script and moving it to the cron.yearly directory 😉

#P.P.P.S: @Nerds: I’m a Noob as far as scipting is concerned please do spit out the errors in the script in the form of comments :P, If you think it could have been simpler in Perl Or Python, you are right but i haven’t ventured into other scripting languages 😉

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10 responses to “Nerdy Way of Starting a Year

  1. uff…u hv reached d heights of nerdiness 😛 Believe me…stop watchin those senseless movies n try somethin else 😛 !!

  2. Happy New Year..hope all ur problems are sorted out in 2009.

  3. These 7 months have made u a nerdy geek…
    Its nice u becoming an expert in one new language… I also knw u will teach me this…
    Once again Happy & Prosperous New Year 🙂

  4. Happy new year 🙂

  5. Happy new year whacky boy !

    Well, this post of yours reminded me of my recent malayalam post ! I didnt understand head and tail of it 😀

  6. im no geek..but im sure am happy that it echoed
    you are clear of all worries 😉 nice to hear tht..
    and hope the new year would bring fresh flowers of hope & happiness when the going gets tough.

  7. @ preeti : Well this was due to my turning of attention away from the movies .. so if you still want me to keep away from the movies you are in for more such posts 🙂

    @vishesh : Have a nice year buddy.

    @Reema : Thanks for your wishes and i wish you have a peaceful college atleast this year. 😛
    @tweety : hey thanks for the wishes but its a scripting language really hard to perfect, and i’m just a novice in it 🙂
    @Dinesh babu : Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same 🙂
    @Kanagu : thanks for the wishes , wish you the same
    @Vimal : Atleast now you figured out how bad it was for us to read it .. though i tried my best to comprehend it 🙂 and yeah wish you have a singing year ahead
    @Verbivorehere :well you are the saviour , the murkier situation is getting clear with days but i’m still in turmoil thanks to you thank i have a better state of mind right now. I wish you have better years to come 🙂

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