Wakeup call For Tuxers !!!

Right from my childhood, i remember there was always a section of people who consider mocking at the nerds as their prerogative and never ever back down from it regardless of the situation. But with time i think the scenario has changed a lot.People have moved on and while most people still meet in the public and have those mocking sessions regularly, its often the online chats, discussion forums, social networking sites like FB,orkut, diggs,del.ic.ious, twitter et all has become their sole medium of communicating with others and since all these places are filled with the nerds these days it often becomes hard for people of the mocking group suppressing their ignorance atleast in the virtual world.


I’m always in the lookout for news propping up from the nix world ,so when i picked up this peice of news, It went like this ..

“A Wisconsin woman has claimed that Dell computers and Ubuntu have kept her from going back to school via online classes. She says she has called Dell to request Windows instead however was talked out of it. Her current claim is that she was unaware that she couldn’t install her Verizon online disk to access the Internet, nor could she use Microsoft Word to type up her papers.”

i being one of the millions of Linux -advocates, thought that she was a no-brainer and i went ahead and blamed her for all the nuisance that she created and quotes about dumbs went through my head  like those of …

Beauty fades, but dumb is forever.   -Judge Judy

You can’t fix stupid.  – Ron White

Lieutenant Dannnn! Ice Cream!  – Forrest Gump’s line 🙂

I went ahead and even thought the fact that She’s enrolling at the Madison Area “Technical” College, and couldn’t be bothered to read the specs on a laptop she ordered? this made me go ROFLing. I even thought this as yet another act of how dumb the blonds really are.  It’s not as though Dell hides what OS comes with each laptop, and went on with the fact that she did not understand it’s possible to configure Internet access without that Verizon CDrom, and she could easily work with OpenOffice instead of Word. Verizon even offered to send a technician to help with the connection, and the school said it has no problems with people using different software when following their courses.But despite all these she went ahead and blamed Dell and Ubuntu for it. I know its hard for any noob to learn the *nix box inside out in days, but i know its equally hard to shift OS.

When i really went about introspecting about the article only then did i realize the fact that shouldn’t the *nix world be bothered about it despite all the discussion about how low the woman was towards the *nix world. Deep in my heart i felt, somewhere Ubuntu in particular has lost the script, especially when people consider things like Ubuntu going mainstream and here was a woman (a noob) who went ahead and ordered a Dell box with the Ubuntu, was that an ideal chance for the Ubuntu to show how good the OS is ?? Only then did i realize that it was no fault of the woman to have reported the problem , it should have been considered in a positive way rather than replying back to the article as some blot in whole of the nix world. Shouldn’t the nix developers consider its time that people are moving into the nix world and its they who have to make it user friendly to dethrone the M$ from its so called OS dominance ?? Shouldn’t all the service providers like the various ISP et all become *nix friendly ?? Its time , people should get responsible with days, and i’m sure the *nix boxes aren’t gonna be staying as “Nerds only Toys” in future.

I know there is whole lot of communities and forums to help a noob get into the the *nix world in general and ubuntu in particular, but isn’t it mandatory for them to have an Internet connection before they could access those online forums ?? Not all here would have the luxury of Vmware or VirtualBox or Zen. People have changed so have the *nix world from the ages of CUI’s but the middlemen haven’t changed.  Its time that people change their mindset and open up for the new revolution thats taking on in the world  and understand whats needed to reach the source of information rather than go howling in the forums and others of its kind.

I’m glad people have started responding to things on a larger scale but they have started responding in a wrong way, shouldn’t they look at things positively, isn’t life about being positive ? I don’t know what would have gone through her mind when she would have got all those scathing remarks about the article on the FaceBook  page. This only reminds me of a strip from the a web comic called xkcd

Linux is Not about Free in price ,
Its about free As in freedom

Ubuntu !! Jai ho 😛

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6 responses to “Wakeup call For Tuxers !!!

  1. Hey… i wuld certainly blame the lady… for sure let me tell u she wuld have purchased the laptop keeping in mind the low cost and the new OS which is quite flashy than the usual windows… i wuld certainly say its her mistake…

    BTW Ubuntu is way way user frndly nowdays…i dont know head or tail abt linux.. but i am quite comfortable working and understanding linux… one day with a technician wuld have sorted all her problem.. but her EGO has let her down…. 😛

    • yeah but although i too think the gal was dumb, its high time that the FOSS community grows up and sees to it that non-geeks too use it for it to develop or else the OS would remain only as a geek tool in days to come

  2. rofl! I didn’t read the post too carefully, coz it had strange words like Ubuntu and FOSS and whatnot in a language I don’t understand …
    but that cartoon rings very true!

  3. lol, o no no, am a bit of a geek myself, just not lost completely :p

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