Dream Date

The room went pitch dark, I just lighted the candle. The sparkle in her eyes almost made the moment for me. Her brownish eyes were so pleasing to look at.

“Honey let your tongue taste it…”

She just Licks a drop of it and looks back with amusement…

“Cariño !! You suck in making Spanish sopas.”

P.S: This post is dedicated to those who thought i’d never be able to match up to this 55 word fiction challenge. Its 55 words precisely😛

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18 responses to “Dream Date

  1. Bravo.. usted lo ha hecho😉

  2. Nitin Kanaujiya

    mujhe samajh hi nahi aaya, kya ho raha tha wahan pe…..wo ladki hi thi na pakka?

    • Yeah it takes time to understand especially when the author switched from 1900+ words into 55 words fiction😉

      Its a Lady !! and i have see her😀

    • I guess i suck in description especially when its 55 words😦 .. should be more descriptive the next time i post one of the usual sizes😛

  3. :) congratz for the first post.
    gud one! hope ur dream date vl go much better than this!

  4. looks like i m the only one left!

  5. Had you not ventured to light the candle, she’d probably have offered a more favourable opinion of your ..er…sopas

  6. Alas a micro mini post frm u…!!
    ha ha…😀

  7. what? whacky can write even ‘lilliputian’ posts too?? gud work!:)

  8. Every1 caught the 55 fever!
    Wish I had ur versatility too.:)

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