“The Transition”

Day Zero

Sun was almost shining at its peak as if it was angry at someone despite the ferocious heat “Avinash” was in peace and sound asleep hugging his chubby pillow.. it seemed that he was dreaming about some gal and hence came the faint voices of him trying to cuddle the gal of his dream.. His mom shouted for the nth time to wake him up but in vain..

She almost lost her interest in her sleeping Kid and started continuing with her chores of cooking food. Avinash’s sweat filled face and his facial expression showed that he was almost done with his dream and was almost sound asleep.

A sound seemed to run towards him it looked like some old juke box was running towards him,and when it happend to come closer to his room he happened to realize that it was his dad. He came pumping from downstairs to his room carrying his mobile which was on charge for the past 3 hours and almost shouted at him instantaneously giving him a  jolt at his shoulder..

It was almost instantaneous that Avinash woke up as if he was part of some obscure Military training. He was almost half awake but his father voice made him sit upright. His father was a retired Inspector and he was keen to enforce discipline into him but there was hardly an effect on his last child. The guy’s face was sweat filled and he was almost trying to hide his abdomen cause he often sleeps naked when he was allowed to sleep alone and at that instant he was semi naked. He looked at his Dad with his partially opened eyes..

“phone for you”

“what paaa ?? I hardly had some sleep.. don’t you know that i slept only by 2 yesterday”

“dei its from your friend ”

“so what?? is that from srini?? ”

“who srini ?? ”

“what was the display on the phone when the call was ringing?? was it rocket ?? ”

“No it was written as `Kolandai da Kid`.. “

Avinash stared at his dad for some time cluelessly with almost his drool filled mouth and his shabby looking hair and his Dad at the same instant was thinking about why his son was staring back at him in such a strange way .. but Avinash was thinking deeply about the intent of the caller, cause he knew this “Kolandai” unlike his name was a serious guy .. and he used to call him only when he had a motive and hence he said to his dad again.

“paaa is he still on the line ??  give me the phone “

His dad handed him the phone and went away grumbling that he was growing worse day after day…

“paaaa (almost screaming at his Dad annoyingly) close the door on ur way out.. “

Still clueless about the intent of the caller, he was annoyed cause it was only a week had passed after his final exam of his Engineering and now that this guy called again. He knew something was wrong but he never wanted to know about it, hence he annoyingly picked up the phone still thinking about the sole purpose of his call.. he could still hear the guy calling out..



Avinash replied back saying “hi” with a grimace on his face

“what happened da ? Anything wrong ? ”

“hey i received a sms early in the morning..”

“so.. what ??”

His annoyance was almost evident in his voice, but the guy still continued..

“Hey.. i thought of sharing the fact da.. ”

“WTF?? “

“Damn it .. Its hardly a week has passed.. why are they pissing me off.. Its totally unusual .. isn’t it ??  its just a rumor .. grow up man.. go have some sleep ”

“Hey..  I’ve been tring to open the University’s website for the past half an hour.. i even messaged you almost 10 times.. but i guess you hardly picked up.. “

He almost chocked while saying ..

“Are you serious ??? “

A sudden wave of shock went through him.. and he started to think that he would faint at the same time he had sensations of a terrible dysentery in his intestines.. but he closed his eyes.. and mustered all his energy and mumbled to himself..

“Oh lord save me this last time … “

he just cleared his throat again and went ahead with the conversation on the phone..

“Ok… did you try triangle-brothers ?? ”

“There is a huge crowd here waiting for it to load.. I have no option here right now.. ”

“Ok.. i’ll look into you.. ”

“you know my number right”

“yeaaaaah… how will i forget you .. you were the one who almost pinged me every other other day these past 4 years… “

he almost ran naked dragging the bed sheet to the computer and moved his mouse to see if the computer was still running..

he closes all his p2p application.. opens his browser and types in the URL and waits for eternity for the page to load.. but its the D-day and as usual it never ever opens up.. he popped in another URL in the address bar and waited for it to load..

it was definitely loading.. but it looked that even a snail would have won the race.. and suddenly he felt the cool breeze run down his spine and it felt a lot cooler, then did he realize that he was naked with just a bed-spreader wrapped around him. He rushed to the washroom and moved into his clothing with door half open to check the status of the page.. and it was still loading..

and then he came back to sit on the chair.. and still waited.. but Avinash didn’t feel that he was lonely.. his cellphone was alive with it beeping every other 30 seconds of having received an  sms. He knew it was one of his friends and hence didn’t care to take it to increase the anxiety.. .

Avinash almost thought that he had frost bite.. his fingers almost became green out of anxiety.. his legs which were resting on the rack of the computer table were trembling but he wasn’t feeling those tremblings for the first time..

He had an uncontrollable sensation of peeing.. and was trying hard to control it till the page loads.. and almost wanted to go when the page had finally loaded and asked for the Unique number.He typed his number in a jiffy and rushed back to the washroom on the way to the washroom he skidded and came to halt and turned back to check if the number was right. He did the double check and off he went to the washroom. He opened the door and almost banged the door to close it and down came his bermuda…

He heard his dad screaming “Slowly betaaaaaa“.
He hardly cared cause he was outta control and suddenly his thoughts grazed back to the exact day..

March 25th 2005, the clock was raising to 1 O’clock and it was just another five minutes more to be done with the exam.. and Avinash looked at the Question paper too look for how many graphs were left out. He knew he had to be very smart from now on to clear this exam.He raised his hand and asked for the graph sheets… His examiner almost came to him running thinking that he was into some trouble.She questioned him anxiously..

“what happened ?? ”

and he almost angrily replied back..

“graphs please.. ”

“which one ?? ”

“Every one”

“what ?? ”

“give me all of them “

Avinash stared back at his examiner, she was around 25-27 approximately and she had a shuddering hand to even remove the graphs. Avinash knew his 3 minutes are gone, glanced back at his watch and continue with the graphs. He tied the graphs to the paper to be sure its part of his answer sheet and then continued, the first one was the usual one.. and hence he completed the graph with ease.

2:30 Minutes

the second one was the usual graph and hence he did that one too.. but he knew the question looked like something out of the book and attempting it would get him all the 16marks that it was expected to fetch

1:30 Minutes

He flipped to see a graph sheet which he hasn’t even seen while preparing downstairs, He looked at it amazingly and thought WTF ?? he just looked back at his classmates who were also in a similar state and consoled himself and knew nothing could be done.

He tried brainstorming while fiddling with the coordinates in the amazingly different graph and he happened to recollected someone saying “angles and points are only part of polar coordinates its all circular ”

80 Seconds

Marked all the angles in the graph almost in haste and marked all the points and connected them in free hand drawing..

50 seconds

He almost heard the examiner saying stop writing.. He turned the page and saw something amusing, there was a graph which looked normal but he expected a hyperbola to be part of the graph.. little did he knew about the whole question .. he was trying to make use to what he knew and hence he started thinking again..”

“i recollected my lecturer saying sometime in class w.r.t. hyperbola and points of intersection.. ”

30 seconds
The examiner was nearing him, he had the luxury of being the last guy in the room and happened to use the time most efficiently..

Damn it !! he got frustrated seeing the examiner advancing towards him and he ended up drawing the X-Y axis and drew a random hyperbola with his trembling hands.. his legs were so shaking that his table itself was shaking.. and it happened that by some instance of luck he spotted a point and wrote its Cartesian coordinates and marked it as “O”..

There came the examiner and screamed as usual at him..

“stop it !! i said “

He was pretty happy that he had attempted all those he thought weren’t part of the syllabus.. and nervously handed over the paper..

He heard a sound out of a sudden a squirrel squeaking at the ventilator of his washroom and he came back to reality.. he was still not done with it..

Peeped back at the PC and it was almost done. He had to hold back again and he rushed to the PC. He was so used to looking at that particular screen that he went straight to the column that mattered the most to him.. the entire third column read “PASS”, instead of jumping in joy he rushed back to complete the unfinished business and came back to pick his phone and called a number which was very much in his memory…

“Porambokku… Kutta salaa.. I’ve finally completed engineering ”

“ok ok… Chill dude chill ”

and they both laughed out laud in sync with each other finally they having cleared it all. They as usual went to their chat about the movies that they had watched the previous night and the MP3’s that were better and at last they came back to the topic of what to do next..

“Hey.. now that we are done.. what should we do now ?? ”

“I guess we gotto get the certificates.. ”

“Do they mail us those or should we go back to that crappy place ?? 😦 ”

“No we are supposed to go there “

suddenly a moment of calm creeped into the conversation.. Avinash persisted with the same question..

“what next…?? dude ”

“Dude we should better sleep.. my hand still aches having played Counter stike ”

“Ok.. here i go.. ” and he hung up on the phone…

But he did not end up sleeping  after that, he knew his future is in his hands now..  he did not go running to his parents excitedly to tell them about the results but he was patiently analyzing the situation and was thinking about his future plans. He was already into day dreaming about how he would go for the job that was offered to him and almost knew he had a better future.

He always thought that an opportunity wasn’t ever provided to him in his life till that point.. But he knew it was almost time to clench the opportunities that would come his way and make use of it. He was so pumped up and thrilled about it that he almost had a grin in his face when he went back to sleep that day despite the tropical heat in chennai.

P.S: This is my humble beginning entry to the novelrace  that was initiated in Facebook and twitter .  I’m not sure about the number of parts in this series but i’m sure this ends before the third week of this month 🙂


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  1. Awesome start! 😀

  2. good one! But i think its the national blog posting month going not novel writing one.

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