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“Trasition” – Dream

A body lied on the bed as if it was dead.. the room was rotting like decomposing fish, The faint noise in the room was coming out of the operational sound of the AC and the SMPS fan of the PC with the heated up fan of the processor inside the cabinet radiating heat. The room looked like no one was inside the room for a eons together. It was too shabby to be called a room and noticing the dust that had settled on the Computer it looked like it wasn’t in use for long but the finger impression on the mouse and keyboard looked as if it was used for excessively almost contradictory to the what the other articles in the room depicted.

Out of a sudden a body wakes up. The guy was really dark in complexion it seemed as if he just dropped in after sun tanning without the creams, but the guy was panting after what looked like close to death run chase. It seemed as if he was chased by something, his facial expression were no different, he looked more stunned unlike his usual easy morning grins and chuckles on his face. He searched for the remote control in his shabby room but to his dismay he forgot where he had kept the remote.. he looks everywhere he would have dropped it.. and he goes  searching even in the desk at the corner of the room and loosing hope goes out of the room and after some time comes back to find the remote underneath the pillow he adjusts the temperature and goes to washroom and washes his face…

It looks as if layers of his makeup had just washed aways and after all his usual chores at the washroom when he lights up the room with his computer monitor.. It was “Avinash” with his usually bright early morning complexion which often fades off at the end of the day.. It seemed that the rotting smell was still thriving in the room. He pickedup the room freshener and sprayed it on the AC vents,  but it was of no use and he knew he had to go bath at 2 O’clock to counter the foul smell in the room.

He enters the washroom for his bath just to hear the Gurkha’s whistling sounds which were accompanied by the howling dogs, screaming cats and unusual screeching sounds of bats and owls in the locality although they were all distinct it seemed as if they were all connected with each other especially at that time of the day, Although this wasn’t new to him but his facial contortions showed that something was wrong with him. It was completely different day, he had woken up to a nightmare and he knew it was unusual of him to have a nightmare right from his childhood days he hardly had any dream other than those that he had after watching the horror movies, but this nightmare was different.. It seemed to have no relevance to spook him off but he felt that it was indicating something to him of his future. Right under the showers he was trying too hard to decode what exactly the dream meant, but he hardly could remember what it really was. He looked down at the swirling water to realize that it was about quicksands , a chill wave ran through his spine although water was rushing down his face he kept his eyes wide open with horror, it wasn’t cause of the dream.. he knew it.

Avinash was done with his bathing and dried himself off, he had put on other set of clothes. He knew that the dream had some significance to his life but he wasn’t really able to figure it out correctly.. He was damn sure about it being some kinda puzzle or a problem where he was driven into it..

Avinash was in no mood to go back to his sleep after the nightmare but his eyes were already tired of the last night’s bash that he had for completing his engineering. Avinash unlike others in his friends circle was too analytical and hence he knew it was a double entendre and it definitely had some relevance to his life. He never wanted it to be anyway related to his career but it seemed that it was too related to his career aspiration. Although he was an atheist in heart he just closed his eyes which was comforting for his tired eyes but his bedraggled thoughts weren’t making it easy for him to go back to sleep.. he just thought about his parents and said to himself in a loud audible tone .

I’m not gonna lets this happen.

Throw me into even a whirlpool

I’ll be back !! Regardless of the situation that i’d be pushed into…

he pauses for a moment and says it again ..

I’ll be back !!

I’ll be baaaack  (almost screamingly)

And he punches in air with a jolt across his body and it seemed that it was indeed a demoralizing nightmare that he had and he isn’t  fluttered by it.. It seemed that he was trying to concentrate on building a better Body language and muster his courage.. It was new to him but it seemed that he was too focused as far as his career was concerned and he never wanted it to be in jeopardy. He passed his rest of his waking time in the early morning trying to visualize his wonderful days in college and he ended up sleeping thinking about it almost when everyone was awake.

P.S: I should get serious about writing this thing down as early as possible just to prove my readers that i’m alive 🙂


“The Transition”

Day Zero

Sun was almost shining at its peak as if it was angry at someone despite the ferocious heat “Avinash” was in peace and sound asleep hugging his chubby pillow.. it seemed that he was dreaming about some gal and hence came the faint voices of him trying to cuddle the gal of his dream.. His mom shouted for the nth time to wake him up but in vain..

She almost lost her interest in her sleeping Kid and started continuing with her chores of cooking food. Avinash’s sweat filled face and his facial expression showed that he was almost done with his dream and was almost sound asleep.

A sound seemed to run towards him it looked like some old juke box was running towards him,and when it happend to come closer to his room he happened to realize that it was his dad. He came pumping from downstairs to his room carrying his mobile which was on charge for the past 3 hours and almost shouted at him instantaneously giving him a  jolt at his shoulder..

It was almost instantaneous that Avinash woke up as if he was part of some obscure Military training. He was almost half awake but his father voice made him sit upright. His father was a retired Inspector and he was keen to enforce discipline into him but there was hardly an effect on his last child. The guy’s face was sweat filled and he was almost trying to hide his abdomen cause he often sleeps naked when he was allowed to sleep alone and at that instant he was semi naked. He looked at his Dad with his partially opened eyes..

“phone for you”

“what paaa ?? I hardly had some sleep.. don’t you know that i slept only by 2 yesterday”

“dei its from your friend ”

“so what?? is that from srini?? ”

“who srini ?? ”

“what was the display on the phone when the call was ringing?? was it rocket ?? ”

“No it was written as `Kolandai da Kid`.. “

Avinash stared at his dad for some time cluelessly with almost his drool filled mouth and his shabby looking hair and his Dad at the same instant was thinking about why his son was staring back at him in such a strange way .. but Avinash was thinking deeply about the intent of the caller, cause he knew this “Kolandai” unlike his name was a serious guy .. and he used to call him only when he had a motive and hence he said to his dad again.

“paaa is he still on the line ??  give me the phone “

His dad handed him the phone and went away grumbling that he was growing worse day after day…

“paaaa (almost screaming at his Dad annoyingly) close the door on ur way out.. “

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