Wakeup call For Tuxers !!!

Right from my childhood, i remember there was always a section of people who consider mocking at the nerds as their prerogative and never ever back down from it regardless of the situation. But with time i think the scenario has changed a lot.People have moved on and while most people still meet in the public and have those mocking sessions regularly, its often the online chats, discussion forums, social networking sites like FB,orkut, diggs,del.ic.ious, twitter et all has become their sole medium of communicating with others and since all these places are filled with the nerds these days it often becomes hard for people of the mocking group suppressing their ignorance atleast in the virtual world.


I’m always in the lookout for news propping up from the nix world ,so when i picked up this peice of news, It went like this ..

“A Wisconsin woman has claimed that Dell computers and Ubuntu have kept her from going back to school via online classes. She says she has called Dell to request Windows instead however was talked out of it. Her current claim is that she was unaware that she couldn’t install her Verizon online disk to access the Internet, nor could she use Microsoft Word to type up her papers.”

i being one of the millions of Linux -advocates, thought that she was a no-brainer and i went ahead and blamed her for all the nuisance that she created and quotes about dumbs went through my head  like those of …

Beauty fades, but dumb is forever.   -Judge Judy

You can’t fix stupid.  – Ron White

Lieutenant Dannnn! Ice Cream!  – Forrest Gump’s line 🙂

I went ahead and even thought the fact that She’s enrolling at the Madison Area “Technical” College, and couldn’t be bothered to read the specs on a laptop she ordered? this made me go ROFLing. I even thought this as yet another act of how dumb the blonds really are.  It’s not as though Dell hides what OS comes with each laptop, and went on with the fact that she did not understand it’s possible to configure Internet access without that Verizon CDrom, and she could easily work with OpenOffice instead of Word. Verizon even offered to send a technician to help with the connection, and the school said it has no problems with people using different software when following their courses.But despite all these she went ahead and blamed Dell and Ubuntu for it. I know its hard for any noob to learn the *nix box inside out in days, but i know its equally hard to shift OS.

When i really went about introspecting about the article only then did i realize the fact that shouldn’t the *nix world be bothered about it despite all the discussion about how low the woman was towards the *nix world. Deep in my heart i felt, somewhere Ubuntu in particular has lost the script, especially when people consider things like Ubuntu going mainstream and here was a woman (a noob) who went ahead and ordered a Dell box with the Ubuntu, was that an ideal chance for the Ubuntu to show how good the OS is ?? Only then did i realize that it was no fault of the woman to have reported the problem , it should have been considered in a positive way rather than replying back to the article as some blot in whole of the nix world. Shouldn’t the nix developers consider its time that people are moving into the nix world and its they who have to make it user friendly to dethrone the M$ from its so called OS dominance ?? Shouldn’t all the service providers like the various ISP et all become *nix friendly ?? Its time , people should get responsible with days, and i’m sure the *nix boxes aren’t gonna be staying as “Nerds only Toys” in future.

I know there is whole lot of communities and forums to help a noob get into the the *nix world in general and ubuntu in particular, but isn’t it mandatory for them to have an Internet connection before they could access those online forums ?? Not all here would have the luxury of Vmware or VirtualBox or Zen. People have changed so have the *nix world from the ages of CUI’s but the middlemen haven’t changed.  Its time that people change their mindset and open up for the new revolution thats taking on in the world  and understand whats needed to reach the source of information rather than go howling in the forums and others of its kind.

I’m glad people have started responding to things on a larger scale but they have started responding in a wrong way, shouldn’t they look at things positively, isn’t life about being positive ? I don’t know what would have gone through her mind when she would have got all those scathing remarks about the article on the FaceBook  page. This only reminds me of a strip from the a web comic called xkcd

Linux is Not about Free in price ,
Its about free As in freedom

Ubuntu !! Jai ho 😛

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What Exactly Does GOD Tests IN a Fresher ?

Regardless of what walks of life one currently is in one would have always thought that god did test him at some point of time, but have you ever pondered about what exactly is his tool of testing ? If its the real test of character then its only the PATIENCE of the person that is tested. Regardless of what walks of life a person is in if you ask him about what truly tested you to the core , all that he would say it was his patience if he really sat down and gave a thought about it. Life hasn’t been kind to all people especially for the past few months ( if you have been really careful noticing things its the past year or so).Firstly it was the sub-prime issue in the US which triggered a chain reaction which unfolded in various forms and affected each and every person in every kind of proportion right from last year be in the inflation to the salary. The period of time when we thought that the issue at hand was getting resolved we saw quiet a lotta banks going into bankruptcy which led to panicking in the various global stock exchanges and which in turn affected each and every guy regardless of whether he was a street hawker or was a CEO of a company. Freshers out of colleges were the worst affected people, and everyone handled them as some emotionally detached being on earth. Right when it was thought that the situation is creeping back to normalcy yet another issue crept in the form of Maytas|satyam merger fiasco which directly affected the job market in general and the Indian IT industry in particular. Although every single guy on any particular crappy news channel suggests that measures are taken so as to bring back the confidence of the clients back to normalcy and despites these measures there is always the backbiting issue of companies picking the others clients.

A freshers, who is unlikely to be called a fresher after having patiently waited for 7 long months for the situations to improve and having a strong faith in the company that recruited him finds himself in trouble again and again.It wasn’t an issue until now cause there was collectively a huge number of people who were waiting to be called in, but right when the crowd seems to disperse with time the real panicking starts to kick in and often the troubled minds start to rekindle their very thought of having a career in IT and think of other options like the I.E.S, Sevices sector et. all, especially when one has an unsupportive family at home and one really has personal problems of his own. Families which totally depended on a guy’s income to feed them really gets desperate and even a guy with a stubborn thought about having a prolific career in IT would rethink of his decision to wait for things to get normal. Now especially when few of the companies have started calling in people, the left few people really get to bogged down that they start doing weird things, it really becomes hard to control such a mind in such a troubled situation to have a peaceful life at home.Its just during this troubled time should one have faith in patience. I’d  like to quote..

“Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”

-Johann Friedrich von Schiller-

I personally think this situation is much more than a mere test its about faith in ones abilities and his skills and test of his mental strength.

“Its not how good one behaved when there was a herd following him that matters its just how one reacts to a situation in private that determines how good a character one is made of.”

Being part of such a herd which collectively went through the trouble and watching them get dispersed, and few of them coming back add wounds never really helps, but one really has to understand that there would always be people who are sadists and one should look at the positive side of things and make it a point to prove to the world that one can prove the point regardless of the situation one is forced into. Its truly the test of time and patience and one really has to be totally focused on what exactly is his/ her priority and get never bogged down at the situations that people around you throw at you, its how well you handle such situations makes you get stronger mentally. I’d say..

“Patience is the need of the hour and perseverance to your goals would make you happier down the lane”

All that i could remember inspirational right now is a song from Colonial Cousin’s song “Krishna Nee Bega Baro“.

Time is the healer ..
Time moves on..
Time don’t wait for anyone
You tell you’ll be back
But that will take some time
I’m waiting… ahh……
I’m waiting… Waiting…
I’m waiting….

And i’d like to end this post on a quote from a progenitor of the theory of “positive thinking”, cause I know how one feels to have gone through such a crappy situation.

If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up.                                                                                                       – Norman Vincent Peale –

P.S : I think i’m bit too philosophical at this time, should have really refrained from posting here, which seems to be a good source of entertainment for at least some of the people, I shouldn’t inflict the thought of sorrow into them but i feel that i should share this so that at least select few would be motivated and stick to what they really wanted.

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Nerdy Way of Starting a Year


#P.S: Non-Geeks please spare me,this ones just for the  *nix Geeks.

#P.P.S: I hope this is what a geek/nerd/whacked out soul would do if at all he rants in his *nix box writing files about it and tries to clear it off their memory by writing a script and moving it to the cron.yearly directory 😉

#P.P.P.S: @Nerds: I’m a Noob as far as scipting is concerned please do spit out the errors in the script in the form of comments :P, If you think it could have been simpler in Perl Or Python, you are right but i haven’t ventured into other scripting languages 😉

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Having gone missing for a long time from the blogosphere, i thought it was time for me to come back,i was quiet pre-occupied by what happened in mumbhai and then there was the so called petty rainfall, leave alone the rain the long power cuts and of course the water logging all this culminated into me being restless and totally freaked me out.I really forgot that i had a blog for some time, it was a closely knit friend of mine who teased me back and ofcourse it was vimal who lured me with the awards. I’m glad that i’m back to what i was doing. But still my mind is pre-occupied with crappy things and it would take time for me to get back to normalcy and hence i wont be that regualar right here.

Despite the lull here in my blog was awarded Butterfly award for the Coolest Blog and a trophy from VIMAL. Good to know that few people still consider simplicity as cool 😛 thanks buddy for considering it that way. I never thought that my space would command such a respect from few experienced bloggers 😉 Hope i do justice to the awards as well as the readers banging into my post about the tam gals ;). I thought of passing these awards to those who trully deserved the award. Atleast these are the only thing i could do to show my appreciation towards their wonderful blog at this juncture and i have no words to describe them, so dont expect me to write about sthitapragnya, Gradwolf, Chutney,Maxi , Reema , Nirmal , Aparna, Twisted-DNA and ofcourse Dinesh Babu

P.S: I can give out a huge list for the coolest award but i don’t know if thats accepted :), there are the few that popped in my mind when Cool comes to my mind.

P.P.S: I’m going through the worst patch of my life and i wont be able to post regularly i’m sure will be back here but can’t really tell you when. Hope the crappy things resolve and things get easy with time with the hope that time will heal things i put an end to this post

Why Are Conservative Tam Gals So NARROW Minded ?

I’m one of those people who would treat people in a similar fashion regardless of their background, political affiliation, academic background, economic background et all, i dono why but may be just cause i have only one set of protocol cause of being one socially fucked up. I always meet people with an open mind having hardly any hostility with them regardless of how good or bad they were with others, and I often tend to honestly judge them by how good they behave with me personally.

I ,Being part of such a niche 😉 i always wonder why others especially of the other gender aren’t always open and often tend to be very mean and snobbish about the others and this often happens everytime there is a kinda some union among families of different upbringings, to be more precise during the marriages et all. This isn’t the first time i have noticed this but right from my childhood i have noticed it time and again and i’m sure everyone of you would have if you sat through and thought about it. Dont you guys ever think this kinda situation and incompatibilities could have been avoided if there was a clear thought about this issue on both sides ??

Well this is the umteenth time that i’m figuring out that most of such situations are just because of the upringings or immature behaviour or irritating characters on both sides. I always wonder why some of vadivelu and vivek’s jokes about married life are so welcome by the adult community, neither can one leave out the raja’s comments on the salomon papayya’s tamil debates. Ever wonder why so many people throng to have a laugh at their own pathetic life ?

In early childhood i thought they are just kidding about it, hardly did i think this would be such a great issue. Remember my early days in chennai when i hated the tamil cinema totally cause there was more relevance to family life but slowly when the tamil culture started to permeate into me 😉 Only then did i realize that this is one fucking situation which is making every guy exposed to other culture always reluctant to marry a tamil gal. Even during the early flirting days i always was perplexed why the south indian girls are so conservative and so narrow minded when i openly interact with the others the tamilians were the hard even talk to.

I dono but there is something wrong with the genes i think 😉 especially like in case of indian lifestyle and the heart attack. Its really pathetic to see these days girl’s mindset getting narrower and narrower. Since all these gyan was due to my analysis after my brother’s marriage i misssed out on various things which one enjoys during the marriages :P. This lingering thought in me has really caught me by surprise, especially when everyone around keep on asking me about my marriage the only thought that runs through my mind is Mariagge ah ??  big “uwwwak”. Its really hard to convice parents about not getting marriaed but i know its really too early to talk to them about it but i should always be precautious about things since my life is at stake.

Until now i thought the insitution of marriage was to bring harmony and responsibility in one’s life, but with all these thoughts running wild in my head, I now think its one money draining, life worsening, relationship straining, blood pressure increasing  treatment to a joy loving guy like me. I dono what it means to a gal but this is wat a common guy with brains would think about this institution at this juncture of life.

This thought isn’t a random thought but well thought about fact, show me a girl who is open minded at the same time has a traditional touch with a scoop(or many) of modern outlook with a humble and modest outlook, who is personified as a good character, prove me wrong i’ll accept my defeat and rather marry.But the real fact that its really hard to find one make me really happy andrather bask in luxury  that i have set high standards for a gal to even propose to me.

P.S: While writing this post i accidentally had a chat with a gal from my good old school , and as every chat goes it moved onto various topics, i was really testing her for how open she was, but right from the onset she couldn’t stand me hating the poetic tamil verses. This only proves me that i’m right on accusing the tamil girls of being narrow minded. 😉

Am I Really Socially fucked up ??

Have you ever realized the lonelyness or the isolation especially with everyone around in case of a social gathering like the marriages or the wedding receptions et. all and do you happen to sit in a hall filled with so called relatives whom you hardly recognize ? Then hang on you aren’t alone, I have always loved the pleasure of being annonymous 😉 ,But the feeling of being totally isolated despite being in a hall filled with hunderds of so-called relative(or people) is one worse thing one could experience.

Having grown up in a nuclear family, i didn’t feel the need for anyone other than my own family members. Since i was totally devoted to studies amd i hardly took time off to reach out to any of the relatives during the young age, and now in this juncture although i know most of them are closely related or even remotely related i hardly know how they are related to me. Sitting close to an aunt or uncle who speaks to you about each and every childhood moments but despite having all the nostalgic moments and all the persistent try of recognizing the aunt or uncle goes in vain. Although i know i’m a loner but i hate being lonely when it comes to such occasions and the fact of feeling of being isolated in a really big gathering makes me feel as if i’m in a enclose with all stranger. But is this situation because of the nuclear family or  the society in which i grew up, but i knew somethings going wrong these days.

Though i have a liking for being left alone still sometimes i feel i should have someone close to me taking care of me, talking me through the boredom and even making me lighter in case of desperation. Although i stay calm in most of the situation i really feel the need for someone giving me company despite having friends around me. I personally think that i’m getting desperate these days but is this a case of being socially fucked up for a long time or am i really missing a close partner or is it cause of my lean patch of social life . I’m totally in turmoil. This thought has really made me think  am i ready for being one socially fucked up brat any longer ?

Quirky me !!

Its always the case with me… most people call me weird since i do weird things right at inopportune time.. But this wasn’t enough for Vimal and he wanted me to take this tag for him to put light into my weirdness. Maybe he was trying to find out why i call myself whacky  😉

so here i go ..

  • I alway like to eat my best food at last so that i could enjoy it to the core but this one annoys my parents who hate watching me stock whatever they give till i finish with the other foods
  • When someone shouts( or even abuse) at me i kinda give a smile back to them, i dono why but this habbit of mine kept my friends annoyed about it and had some memorable experience with some of the staffs at school. They always get vexed trying to make me cry.
  • I have one of the strangest eating habbit as far as eating fruits is concerned right from my childhood,i used to set boundaries in the top and bottom part of the fruit for god and used to eat the other parts of the fruit, i actually persisted with it till i was in 5th class.
  • I never knew why,how or when i started doing this but i always make fun and laugh and make others laugh when i see people in distress. Although most of the friends say its an act of arrogance on my part by not allowing them to read but deep in my heart i know how tense i’m but i never kinda show it.
  • I always think of the negatives of a situation and ponder about the results when provided the time. This is one reason i’m really good in accepting defeats and give a knockout punch the next time.This isn’t quirky enough but i thinks one whacked out stuff while the rest of the junta thinks about the positives i think of the negatives 🙂
  • I’m too materialistic in my approach, i always think of what someone or something has to do with me rather than anybody else. I hardly empathize althought my heart says to do so ,my brain always kicks that thought out of my heart 😉

This ain’t anything there are lots more but this is what strikes my mind at this point of time but i would like to know more about such weird things from tweety and  aravind 🙂